The Value Of Cats

At Advocats, we stand for increasing the value of cats in American society. While we know that is no simple feat we think it can be done by through continue the effort and speaking up. But there is a bit of a paradox when it comes to cats in America. Cats are everywhere. Especially on the internet. Cat times recently put together the 25 best cat memes and lists like this are everywhere.

But unfortunately, cats are also being relinquished to shelters all the time and on a daily basis. Not all these cats make it out. Cat’s are seen as less friendly and femine. We disagree. Cat’s are the perfect pet, especially for a bachelor.

We will be talking about this a lot more over the coming weeks but we want to ask our reader to ask themselves, “What is my perception of the cat?” And after that ask your friends and see if what you think is what you really want others to think.

Let’s advocate for cats.

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